About #ExpeditionFinance

We are launching a unique communications project to explore the future of the banking and financial industry: #ExpeditionFinance. A small team from the bank’s Communications department working with former securities trader Jürgen Schmitt is busy filming short videos about trends that could bring major changes to the world of banking.

The videos from Schmitt and his team provide food for thought and answers to the question of what impact the Covid-19 pandemic may have on the sector and its clients. For example, they investigate how firms will obtain financing in future, what expectations clients might have for advice going forward and what this all means for a bank.       

The objectives: to make new discoveries; to muse with stakeholders outside the traditional banking world on interesting business opportunities and at the same time show how Deutsche Bank is priming itself to support its clients in future. Schmitt is using the hashtag #ConnectingWorlds to encourage colleagues from our main international locations to submit videos. Every week the bank will be showing one video on this website and on its YouTube and LinkedIn channels.

more My name is Jürgen – join me on #Expedition150

This is how the idea of #Expedition150 originally came up and how I became the leading discoverer in this project

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more On a quest for the bank of the future

The discoverers of #Expedition150 examine trends that could change the future of the financial industry. In this interview leading discoverer Jürgen Schmitt explains what exactly we are looking for

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